International Order of
Rocky Mountain Goats
The International Order of Rocky Mountain Goats (IORMG) is a group dedicated to the preservation of the Rocky Mountain goat. The IORMG operates a non-profit arm called the Rocky Mountain Goats Foundation (RMGF).  Once endangered, the Rocky Mountain goat has shown a strong comeback due in part to the efforts of the IORMG/RMGF. Preserving this beautiful animal for our children and educating the public about its habitat is the IORMG and the RMGF's central focus.
Recent News


This year the Rocky Mountain Goats Foundation awarded three scholarships in the amount of $3,500 to each of our student applicants. Melissa Oscarson (below left), a graduate student at Western Washington University is studying the goat population of western Washington. Christa Dunlap is studying the threat of selenium deficiency to the goat population in Colorado.  Blake Lowrey (below right), is studying the interaction between bighorn sheep and goats in Montana.


Continued Barn Work at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

Members of the IORMG have been working at The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs to try and put on shutters and get a heater installed for the Rocky Mountain goats housed there. Steve Brungardt is heading it up and doing a great job for the goats there.
Here are some pictures of the goats at the exhibit (click on the photo to see the full size).

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